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You may have heard us talking before about the Toyota Safety Sense suite of features, which you’ll find standard when you search “new Toyota vehicles near me.” But what does this set of features actually give to drivers? The shortest answer is peace of mind – security that you and your loved ones are protected by everything from advanced technological features to appropriate headlight illumination.

For the longer answer, we’re going to have to dig a little into what those features actually are. We’ll start with one of the most important to the safety of you and others, the pre-collision system with pedestrian detection. This innovative technology brings together cameras and a radar system that help decrease the likelihood of your car colliding with a vehicle in front of you or a pedestrian on the road by rendering a warning. In certain cases, the system applies the brakes to assist to help slow you down. You can even get the pre-collision system with bicyclist detection technology as well!

But it’s not just these kinds of collisions that Toyota Safety Sense helps with. It also helps ensure you keep a safe following distance, stay in the correct lane, and can see what’s on the road ahead of you. Dynamic radar cruise control lets you decide how far you want to stay behind the car in front of you and automatically adjusts your speed to keep that set following distance. Lane departure alert uses a windshield camera to detect when you seem to be veering out of your lane. And the automatic high beams camera detects light from cars ahead of you or coming toward you and automatically switches between high and low beam headlights as needed.

These aren’t even all the features you’ll find with Toyota Safety Sense™! Talk to one of our expert Toyota dealers to learn more about the technology that keeps you safe in a 2020 Toyota Sienna or a 2020 Toyota Corolla. Chesapeake, VA drivers deserve the peace of mind that comes with Toyota Safety Sense™ technology, available here at Hall Toyota Elizabeth City.

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