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If you're ready to buy a new car, you may be thinking about selling your current vehicle on your own. At Hall Toyota Elizabeth City, we have another suggestion: our vehicle trade-in program! Here's why you should considering trading in at our dealership.  

Efficient Process 

Trading in a car is likely to be a faster process than selling it on your own would be. Selling on your own takes time. You may have to meet up with a bunch of potential buyers before you find one who will actually take your vehicle off your hands. Time is money, and wasting a bunch of time selling your car just might not be the best financial decision for you. Instead, just bring your car in to our dealership and get cash.  

Fair Offer 

When you trade in your car at our dealership, we'll make you a fair offer. First, you can value your trade-in on our website. When we know info about your vehicle, like the make, model, and trim level, we can give you an estimate of what it's worth. 

Then, you will need to visit our dealership so we can evaluate your vehicle and give you a final offer. 


Once you get your offer, you can put that toward a new Toyota or pre-owned Toyota vehicle. Trading in your car instead of selling it on your own makes it easier to upgrade to a new car right away! You are also able to simply take the cash amount without purchasing a vehicle.

Skip the hassles of selling a vehicle on your own and sell it to us instead! Talk to our new car dealers and Toyota financing experts in Elizabeth City, NC today and learn more about the trade-in process.  

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